Rang the DJ Rang the DJ Rang the DJ

At my good old desk this morning there is typically a list of things to do.Today included contact 30 Irish Radio Stations to see if they played or will play my Cd.  So i rang em.  A variety of responses from wrong address to wrong program to even wrong presenter which happens these days cause they are naturally a revolving voluntary community came back but i did get to chat to a few friendly presenters.
Oliver Carroll of WLM while discussing the merits of Hall and Oates and were they a bigger selling duo than Simon and Garfunkel said he’d be delighted to receive and play a few tracks.   Jacinta Mathews who presents The Creative Flow in Dundalk was intensely curious but equally sweet to chat to.  She wondered at first was I looking to get played for royalties and the like which led to me asking the same question when I realised also that i just want to make the connection and I still think radio is a great way to go about it.  Niall Toner of Roots Freeway has also given me great encouragement spreading the mantra by playing my tracks on RTE.  So all round a positive morning hanging and ranging with the DJs.

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