Have Guitar Will Travel with Cape

A packed Aer Lingus flight tuesday night Amsterdam to Dublin.So much so they were asking people if they would volunteer their luggage to go under.Its gonna be an anxious walk up to check in to get guitar on board something that has never been a problem in all the time I’ve been flying except that on Dublin to Dam leg i was refuzed for the first time.As expected the Check in Dame tagged me and asked me to hand my guitar over.This time i was prepared.I kindly responded that it was up to Cabin Crew to make the decision.We went back and forth about it but i was let thru.As i approached cabin crew i then did what i always do.Discreetly ignore them.This time though Check in Dame has followed me and suddenly perks up and asks Cabin Crew to which they respond that its absolutely fine for me to take guitar on board to her.So thank you Aer Lingus Cabin Crew of this World for your un ending support.Taylor Guitar and I support you G

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