Songs&Whispers Tour Diary Entry Uno

I live in Bremen for a month now.The Tour is set up so i get to play every day sometimes twice or someone wants to make a video for me or I go to do a radio interview.Im provided with my own equipment including stage lights which at first I was adversed to but now fully embrace.The Germanic Diva in me has been outed.The German audiences are very respectful so much so they attend and behave like its a classical recital so much so i wish sometimes I was a chamber quartet.In the small villages outside Bremen the audience gets decidedly older but they still laugh at my depreciating self humour especially when I ask for donations (my spontaneous performance fee) to feed my earl grey tea,turkish break bread morning habit.I live in a flat with an Irish/English duo Odi.We get along very well and enjoy looking at the wall in our kitchen which so many musicians who have been on the tour have come through and written about their experiences on.Also the dos and dont’s on the tour my favourite being make sure you ask for still water otherwise they will give you sparkling.G

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